Thursday, 31 January 2013

Post #1 of 2013!

Well where to start?! It's has been exactly 57 days since my last post and I am utterly ashamed! Christmas, New Year and the start of Semester 2, Year 2 at Uni have all been mad...I've never been so silent for so long! Christmas with my Mum was fab she got me some great gifts which I will share with you shortly. New Year was also brilliant - first time I've been to London to celebrate it - absolutely fantastic! Recently been on a clothes buying rampage I seem to be obsessed with butterfly, bird, and owl prints (owls! so cute) to which my dear Mother replied "What if you get bored of birds?" Good point Mama but hey that's fashion. It comes and it goes in cycles.

So I'll start with naming a few of the lovely presents I got for Christmas - mainly the ones I would recommend to you!

 1. Jimmy Choo Perfume - From Mummy

Literally smells like a slice of heaven. Sweet but not disgustingly so, not too overpowering or heady. Plus the box is wayy cute; a snakeskin print.

2. Rodial Glamtox Kit - Also from Mummy

I'd never actually heard of this brand but after a bit of research I now realise that it's a 'celebrity must have!' It consists of a lip balm, wrinkle cream (I'm 20 I know but so what hehe) a day cream, a night serum and a cleansing balm. The balm is AMAZING. You know when you take all your makeup off with a makeup wipe and think 'Yeah my face is clean now'...Well it's not! That is not until you've used this balm. It literally takes off every stitch of makeup and my skin looked (not to be too cliche) radiant and soft in the morning!

3. Photobook - From Mummy

Haven't got a photo of this but beautiful Mama got me probably my best present to date; a photo book of my life so far. I burst into tears as soon as I opened it, it was so thoughtful. If you're ever stuck for a gift idea I really recommend getting your loved one/s a photo book. It's all printed on glossy photo paper and is something they can keep forever. There's loads of sites with deals as well so go and get creative!

4. MORE Soap and Glory from my Lovely Boyfriend (Good lad he knows what we like)

I got treated to three new Soap and Glory products that I haven't used before. 

I would recommend all three but especially the Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Its more of a twice a week scrub than the  Pulp Friction which can be used daily. It smells quite citrusy  and fresh but feels fantastic on the skin. 

5. Peter Pan Style Collar Top from New Look - Thanks again boyf! 

I was so happy when I opened this top becaaause as I've previously said I LOVE bird prints :) I know you can't see it that well in this photo but you get the gist! New Look are great for day time tops at the moment I've bought about four this month...naughty. 

A Few Photos from Christmas and New Year

Love Dorothy xxx