Saturday, 27 October 2012

Shellac vs Nail Polish

CND's amazing array of shellac colours, I had mine done in
 Gelcolour by O.P.I

I used to paint my nails about three to four times a week so that they wouldn't chip...which seems a bit excessive! Sometimes it's nice just to have nails that are strong and glossy all the time. I'd heard about shellac  but wasn't sure whether to try it.

Shellac is a gel based polish that is solidified by UV light after every coat. It creates a thick and glossy sheen on the nails and makes them practically indestructible (within reason). They are instantly dry so no smudging or chipping.

Just had mine done in "Cajun Shrimp"

The first time I had shellac done it cost about £25 ($40) after student discount as it was £30 before. It seems like a lot but the shellac actually lasted for two and a half weeks. The reason I was sceptical was because I was working every day of the summer and thought my nails would chip straightaway; They didn't!! I was so pleased with them and they just looked fantastic.

Howeverrr I wasn't prepared to pay £5 to have shellac removed on top of the £25 to have them re-painted (no way) so I shopped around for a cheaper rate. I managed to find a lovely lady (owner of Carly's Beauty Therapy) who did them for £20 and £25 removal and re-paint. This was a local salon but search for some salons near you to see what's there.

Shellac comes in a gorgeous array of colours. I've tried...

  • "Princesses Rule" - a shimmery candy pink that lasts even longer as it's less noticeable when it grows out.
  • "Cajun Shrimp" - see photo! a beautiful, vibrant, coral red. 
Dorothy's Tips:
  • Always shop around for the best prices.
  • Try and get a student discount (every little helps ladies!)
  • Ask friends and family if they've had theirs done and where. They may have found a shellac genius ;)
  • Don't attempt to remove shellac yourself. It can be done but I recommend going to a professional so that your nails don't get ruined. 


Dorothy xxx

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