Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cosy stuff for your Uni room :)

When you move into your room at Uni (or any empty new room), whether it be halls or a house, it takes a while for it to become a home. It feels like a bit of an empty shell. But you can make it really homey by not only covering your notice boards in photos of family and friends but also furnishing it with some really cute decorative items or just stuff it full of cushions and blankets! To the left is my uni room in my second year house. The theme is loosely pink and white and I bought loads of cheap stuff to make it feel a bit more me. I'm guessing quite alot of you may prefer a monochrome black and white look or a multicoloured theme or maybe just polka dots everywhere or something!

The shops that I bought all my furnishings in weren't places like John Lewis or Next Homeware or Laura Ashley because they're way too pricey for my little student budget. Instead I went for my old favourites: Matalan, Wilkinson and Asda. In the photo to the right I got candles from Asda, a flower from Wilkinson and a "Love" photo holder from Matalan all for £11.

Cute Stuff I've Found in...


Flowers and Vase - £4.75    
3 Vases - £4
Union Jack Pillow - £8 
Love Ornament - £6
Tealight Lantern Holder- £2.50
3 Vases - £4

      Bird on a Stand Ornament- £6
3 Vases - £4
Flower in Vase - £6


                                                        Rose Curved Mirror- £12
Floral Wastepaper Bin - £4
 Printed Rose Cushion
(Buy One Get One Free on all cushions) - £6
Cage Tealight Holder - £8




Glass Clock - £6
Spot Cushion - £4
Heart Tealight Holder - £7
Cupcake Canvas 30cm x 30cm - £5

Hopefully there's a few things there that caught your eye or provided you with some inspiration to make your room really homey and fill it with things you like! I've only put a few things up here that I thought were pretty but have a good look through the sites because there's so much stuff! Don't forget your 10% Student discount at Matalan.
Love Dorothy xxx


  1. This is a great idea for a post! When I was moving into halls, I found it very difficult to make the room my own - Wish I'd of had your post first as there's lots of cute cheap stuff here! Your blog is very cute! Keep writing :) xx

  2. These are all so cute! And afforable prices! I'm sorry if i'm being blind, but I can't find a follow option on your page, otherwise I would have followed straight away! I will keep checking back though! Hahaha, lovely post :)