Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Glad Hair Day

Just a quick post..
RRP £5.50

I remember getting this last Christmas in a gift set but used it all up as it was only a little 50ml bottle. It made my hair so shiny and soft. But last Christmas my hair was about three or more inches shorter. So I wanted to see if it would work on long, thick hair and tame my mane!

This particular one I used is the most intensive one out of the two available; It's for thick hair. After shampooing (I use Tresemme ) I squeezed the excess water from my hair a dried lightly with a towel. I then combed it through my hair with my fingers from about an inch away from my roots right down to the tips (focusing on the tips). The instructions for use stated that I should use it from roots to tip but I find it makes the roots a little greasy when saturated with product, even after rinsing. You can even run a comb through it whilst in the shower to get those tangles out. It made my hair really soft and had a pretty, floral scent.

This is the other 'Glad Hair Day' conditioner available:
Amazing Daily Shine - for  fine to normal hair types

There are also 50ml versions for £2.50 if you want to just try them. No point in being stuck with a massive bottle if it didn't work for you!

Hope you try this conditioner - it is brilliant. If you do have it or try it let me know what you think!

Love Dorothy xxx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sexy Mother Pucker!

 I thought I'd add to my small Soap and Glory collection today and purchase some new products. I've been looking at the "Sexy Mother Pucker" lip gloss for a while as the last lip plumping gloss I had was Sally Hansen aaages ago. It was good but went quite gloopy and kind of leaked all over my chest of drawers :( As it was three for two in boots the other product I bought today was "Glad Hair Day" which is an intensive conditioner. I have quite thick hair down to my waist and it tends to get really frizzy and flyaway in the winter. So I thought this would be a good way to hydrate it. I used it last year; it was a Christmas present from my Mum ♥ (Sanctuary Body Scrub was my third item - might post about it if it's any good!)

I love Soap and Glory as a brand and the products are generally really good but for me they're a little pricey! Only because I'm a student so money isn't overflowing. But they're perfect for putting on your Christmas Wishlist for a loved one to buy for you. I just felt like a little treat today so I went and bought them.

So, Sexy Mother Pucker RRP £9...

'Yummy Plum' £9

I tried this lip gloss today for the first time. I applied it on the go straight after I bought it - I was excited haha! Its consistency is a bit thicker that most lip glosses but I think this is typical of most plumping glosses.
         So I applied away and within 3-4 seconds my lips started to tingle a little. Nothing drastic just a tickly tingly sensation. I like the feeling of that tingle when I put it on even if it isn't doing anything. However after doing a little test I believe it actually works. A subtle change but works nonetheless. It had a raspberry taste and was pretty yummy!
The gloss I'm wearing in the 'before' photo is a very cheap one by Miss Sporty (but it is really nice) called Hollywood Lip Gloss in 'Pasadena' which is a kind of peachy pink colour. The photos are purely there to show you the effect the gloss has on the plumpness of the lips not to show you the colour. Speaking of are the colours this gloss is available in...

In my opinion, the colours don't appear as vibrant when applied. I have 'Yummy Plum' and it's more translucent than a block colour. However it can be layered over a favourtie lipstick and still plump away! Each colour has it's own flavour.

This is the Detailed product information from Boots' Website
Extreme formula lip plumping gloss, with scientifically-proven plumping microspheres that explode in volume up to 10x when they come in contact with water. (They’re like tiny, dehydrated little sponges that expand when you apply them onto your lips. It also contains a rare circulation enhancing ingredient that gives your lips a little ‘electric’ buzz, to move more blood around the area, creating the swelling effect mentioned above).
  • Clear is chocolate orange flavour
  • Candy Gloss is vanilla flavour
  • Pink Apricot is chocolate orange flavour
  • Half Naked is buttered popcorn flavour
  • Punch Bowl is chocolate cherry flavour
  • Yummy Plum is chocolate/raspberry flavour

Sexy Mother Pucker Gift Sets...

As I've already mentioned it's 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment. There are two Mother Pucker gift sets available.


Glossed For Words

 - £18
- 5 x 9ml
- Includes four colours and clear

Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker Gift Set

- £18
- 3 x 7ml
- Includes Yummy Plum, Half Naked and Pink Apricot

The first gift set is probably better value for money as each gloss works out as £3.60 which is much cheaper than £9 for one! 

Love Dorothy xxx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Zara Blazer...I love you

Just thought I'd do a quick blog post about the beautiful blazer from Zara that the dear boyfriend gave me for my 20th Birthday. It's a kind of navy/teal blue and tweed but in the photos it looks really navy! It has a gorgeous bright red lining which I loveee and the elbow patches & underneath the collar are a gorgeous, soft, camel coloured suede. As soon as I opened bag I fell in love with it. When worn with brown/cream chinos and leather boots it has a lovely equestrian feel about it. It's made from wool so can get slightly itchy when wearing a short sleeved top underneath it but it's not too bad. On the upside it's really warm! I'm wearing an XS which is really really fitted but I think that blazers need to be fitted especially when made from a stiffer material such as tweed as opposed to jersey. It was £69.99 so if you're looking for a really gorgeous smart blazer/ special treat I would give it a massive 9/10 :)


Wear it with...

These are just suggestions you can wear the blazer with whatever you like...tights and shorts or jeans and a checkered shirt like the example in the Zara photo.

I like to wear mine with chinos and my riding-esque boots.

These are the boots I have from Dune that I think they look great with the style of the blazer :) They're knee high with a small heel.

Love Dorothy xxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cosy stuff for your Uni room :)

When you move into your room at Uni (or any empty new room), whether it be halls or a house, it takes a while for it to become a home. It feels like a bit of an empty shell. But you can make it really homey by not only covering your notice boards in photos of family and friends but also furnishing it with some really cute decorative items or just stuff it full of cushions and blankets! To the left is my uni room in my second year house. The theme is loosely pink and white and I bought loads of cheap stuff to make it feel a bit more me. I'm guessing quite alot of you may prefer a monochrome black and white look or a multicoloured theme or maybe just polka dots everywhere or something!

The shops that I bought all my furnishings in weren't places like John Lewis or Next Homeware or Laura Ashley because they're way too pricey for my little student budget. Instead I went for my old favourites: Matalan, Wilkinson and Asda. In the photo to the right I got candles from Asda, a flower from Wilkinson and a "Love" photo holder from Matalan all for £11.

Cute Stuff I've Found in...


Flowers and Vase - £4.75    
3 Vases - £4
Union Jack Pillow - £8 
Love Ornament - £6
Tealight Lantern Holder- £2.50
3 Vases - £4

      Bird on a Stand Ornament- £6
3 Vases - £4
Flower in Vase - £6


                                                        Rose Curved Mirror- £12
Floral Wastepaper Bin - £4
 Printed Rose Cushion
(Buy One Get One Free on all cushions) - £6
Cage Tealight Holder - £8




Glass Clock - £6
Spot Cushion - £4
Heart Tealight Holder - £7
Cupcake Canvas 30cm x 30cm - £5

Hopefully there's a few things there that caught your eye or provided you with some inspiration to make your room really homey and fill it with things you like! I've only put a few things up here that I thought were pretty but have a good look through the sites because there's so much stuff! Don't forget your 10% Student discount at Matalan.
Love Dorothy xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bargain Alert!

H&MH&M Half Price Blazers - £15

I was in the high-street earlier and went to have a mooch in H&M to see what they have. My colleague had told me yesterday that she got a blazer in there for £15 which I thought was a great price. But sometimes with cheaper blazers the cut isn't great and it doesn't fit that well or the range of colours is pretty poor. But not in this case! There was a fantastic array of colours - black, navy, burgundy, sand, red, pink and green (from what I could see) So I went ahead and tried on the burgundy and sand. To be honest I loved both and would have had one in every colour if I could!! But in the end (as I am a creature of habit) I bought the burgundy one as I just have a weird obsession with the colour haha. I'll post a photo of me in mine soon but make sure you go and have a look because they were a great fit, a thick jersey material with a nice lining and came in so many colours. Oh and they used to be £29.99 ;) I found a few images of it online to show you but the blazer looks far more casual when worn with the right clothing. So you can dress it up and down :) The colours of the images look slightly different to the material in  real life. My burgundy one is the second blazer along but it's actually redder than it appears here.

The Blazer looks great on!

New Look - £10 off selected party dresses 
£5 off selected tops
Womens Clothing Sale

I also had a mooch in New Look and saw that a few of the dresses I've previously blogged about are now £10 off yay! There are some lovely party tops that are now £5 off as well. So go for a little look if you want!

Loads of other Sales...
Miss Selfridge have a 50% off sale at the moment as well as H&M so if you want a bargain get down to the high-street and raid those rails :)

Love Dorothy xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Clutch Bags 101

Just thought I'd compile some clutch bags to suit various occasions whether it's a winter wedding, a date or a night out!

£4 - £8 Clutches

                                                                              (Left to right)



£12 - £18 Clutches

(Left to right)

My Favourites

(Top to bottom)

Hope there's something there that you like. I've included a bit of sparkle, nude tones, baroque and the classic LBC (little black clutch!) There are so many beautiful clutches that are affordable and stylish from the stores I've mentioned so have a good browse if you haven't seen anything that grabs you! Remember to grab your student discount in Matalan and New Look for 10% off  ♥

Love Dorothy xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What I spied with my little eye in Oxford Street

I took a trip to London at the weekend (to visit my boyfriend who's at Kings) and took the opportunity to have a mooch round the shops to see what was hot for the holiday season!

Of course I did get slightly distracted by the business of Oxford street and obviously by the beautiful Christmas lights that were recently put up! So I've put a few photos up of them for your enjoyment. Might encourage you to go to Oxford Street for a spot of Christmas Shopping :) I went into a couple of shops, New Look, Topshop, Zara, River Island, H&M, Miss Selfridge - Most high-street stores.

Miss Selfridge has a gorgeous array of christmas and party frocks. I've actually been looking for a dress for a wedding and found the perfect one but for me it was a little too pricey. Anyway the store was full of gorgeous fabrics and sparkly dresses and clutch bags!! It was like glitter heaven. Here's the window display so that you can see the kind of colours that are in this winter.

There were a lot of neutral nudes, silvers, golds and peaches. For the lovers of bright colours there were some reds and royal blues but the colours shown in the window seem to be the most in stock. If you don't like sequins there are plenty of floaty chiffon and peplum dresses.

So I've decided to show you a few frocks ;) for the season to be jolly. Christmas time = parties full of fun and sparkle so why not have a dress to match!

Nude & Shimmer

Miss Selfridge


(Left to Right)

Dress 1 - Sequin Lace Peplum Dress -        £49
Dress 2 - Silver Embellished Vest Dress -   £75
Dress 3 - Embellished Babydoll Dress -      £47
Dress 4 - Petites Lacy Tutu Dress -            £45 
(This one has a gorgeous low back!)

For me these dresses would be for a one off party as their fairly expensive so buy on my student budget. They are absolutely gorgeous though and the money is purely due to the amount of work that goes into embellishing the pieces in beads and sequins. 

Sequins & Sparkle

New Look - Remember your student discount for an extra 10% off! 

(Left to right)

Dress 1 - Navy Sequin Sleeveless Skater Dresss -                     £29
Dress 2 - Gold Sequin Skater Dress -                                   £34.99
Dress 3 - Parisian White and gold Sequin 2 in 1 Dress -        £29.99
Dress 4 - Gold 3/4 Length Sleeve Bodycon Dress -              £39.99 

This is a photo of me on my 20th Birthday wearing the Parisian White and gold Sequin 2 in 1 Dress from New Look. It was lovely and fit really well but occasionally the sequins felt a bit rough on my skin. I wore it with a pair of ... stone kind of nude kind of beige shoes (haha) and a gold clutch that I borrowed from my friend! Was a great night and the sparkles made me feel all birthday-ish :) Hopefully if you get a sparkly dress it will put you in the Christmas Spirit!

      Love Dorothy xxx