Sunday, 28 October 2012

Good quality make-up brushes (and other stuff) on a student budget...

Eyse Lips Face UK

I thought I'd share a website I came across in my first year of Uni that sells 'all things make-up'. I felt like I had stumbled across a gold mine as all the make-up was so affordable! But I was looking for something specific - make-up brushes. I'd walked into boots previously that day and was shocked at how expensive the makeup brushes were (even Boots' own). Also went into Superdrug but found exactly the same thing. They were ranging from around £8 ($13) to a whopping £30 ($48) and as a student who looks after her pennies I was not prepared to pay this much!

Total Face Brush
All-over face brush £1.50
 (the one I purchased)

The website I found eyes, lips, face (e.l.f)  has the most fantastic array of products! The postage was quick and easy but not free. It doesn't really matter because I still got two make-up brushes for £5.95 (including P&P) which was fantastic.

I wasn't sure if the quality would be too great but the brushes were awesome. Felt really soft on my face. So a website I recommend highly for cheap, good quality make-up brushes. They also do sets of makeup brushes for amazingly reasonable prices so if you need to replace all your brushes, e.l.f is definitely the place to go. Obviously they aren't professional make-up artist brushes but I doubt any of us girls use those anyway! 

Large 'get the look' sets - £9 ($14.50)

Volumising mascara - £2.50 ($4)

False lashes (incl glue) - £1.50 ($2.40)

Lip stain - £2.50 ($4)

Therapeutic conditioning
 balm - £1.50 ($ 2.40)

Hypershine gloss - £1.50 ($2.40)

Most of the products come in an array of shades and colours to suit all skin tones; so cheap too! It's always a gamble going for the cheaper option as it could compromise the quality but judging by the make-up brushes, I'd be happy to purchase a gloss or two from this website! Have an explore and see for yourself :)

Love Dorothy xxx

P.S. They also do great make-up gift sets, perfect for Christmas ;)

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