Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What I spied with my little eye in Oxford Street

I took a trip to London at the weekend (to visit my boyfriend who's at Kings) and took the opportunity to have a mooch round the shops to see what was hot for the holiday season!

Of course I did get slightly distracted by the business of Oxford street and obviously by the beautiful Christmas lights that were recently put up! So I've put a few photos up of them for your enjoyment. Might encourage you to go to Oxford Street for a spot of Christmas Shopping :) I went into a couple of shops, New Look, Topshop, Zara, River Island, H&M, Miss Selfridge - Most high-street stores.

Miss Selfridge has a gorgeous array of christmas and party frocks. I've actually been looking for a dress for a wedding and found the perfect one but for me it was a little too pricey. Anyway the store was full of gorgeous fabrics and sparkly dresses and clutch bags!! It was like glitter heaven. Here's the window display so that you can see the kind of colours that are in this winter.

There were a lot of neutral nudes, silvers, golds and peaches. For the lovers of bright colours there were some reds and royal blues but the colours shown in the window seem to be the most in stock. If you don't like sequins there are plenty of floaty chiffon and peplum dresses.

So I've decided to show you a few frocks ;) for the season to be jolly. Christmas time = parties full of fun and sparkle so why not have a dress to match!

Nude & Shimmer

Miss Selfridge


(Left to Right)

Dress 1 - Sequin Lace Peplum Dress -        £49
Dress 2 - Silver Embellished Vest Dress -   £75
Dress 3 - Embellished Babydoll Dress -      £47
Dress 4 - Petites Lacy Tutu Dress -            £45 
(This one has a gorgeous low back!)

For me these dresses would be for a one off party as their fairly expensive so buy on my student budget. They are absolutely gorgeous though and the money is purely due to the amount of work that goes into embellishing the pieces in beads and sequins. 

Sequins & Sparkle

New Look - Remember your student discount for an extra 10% off! 

(Left to right)

Dress 1 - Navy Sequin Sleeveless Skater Dresss -                     £29
Dress 2 - Gold Sequin Skater Dress -                                   £34.99
Dress 3 - Parisian White and gold Sequin 2 in 1 Dress -        £29.99
Dress 4 - Gold 3/4 Length Sleeve Bodycon Dress -              £39.99 

This is a photo of me on my 20th Birthday wearing the Parisian White and gold Sequin 2 in 1 Dress from New Look. It was lovely and fit really well but occasionally the sequins felt a bit rough on my skin. I wore it with a pair of ... stone kind of nude kind of beige shoes (haha) and a gold clutch that I borrowed from my friend! Was a great night and the sparkles made me feel all birthday-ish :) Hopefully if you get a sparkly dress it will put you in the Christmas Spirit!

      Love Dorothy xxx

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