Monday, 3 December 2012

Zara Blazer...I love you

Just thought I'd do a quick blog post about the beautiful blazer from Zara that the dear boyfriend gave me for my 20th Birthday. It's a kind of navy/teal blue and tweed but in the photos it looks really navy! It has a gorgeous bright red lining which I loveee and the elbow patches & underneath the collar are a gorgeous, soft, camel coloured suede. As soon as I opened bag I fell in love with it. When worn with brown/cream chinos and leather boots it has a lovely equestrian feel about it. It's made from wool so can get slightly itchy when wearing a short sleeved top underneath it but it's not too bad. On the upside it's really warm! I'm wearing an XS which is really really fitted but I think that blazers need to be fitted especially when made from a stiffer material such as tweed as opposed to jersey. It was £69.99 so if you're looking for a really gorgeous smart blazer/ special treat I would give it a massive 9/10 :)


Wear it with...

These are just suggestions you can wear the blazer with whatever you like...tights and shorts or jeans and a checkered shirt like the example in the Zara photo.

I like to wear mine with chinos and my riding-esque boots.

These are the boots I have from Dune that I think they look great with the style of the blazer :) They're knee high with a small heel.

Love Dorothy xxx


  1. I love this post,I wear my blazer a lot & I love it.

    Shauni x

  2. Hey Shauni, thanks :)Haha me too I love it, it's so warm but also stylish.

    Checked out your blog,looks like you're a fairly new blogger like me! Will read regularly ♥ xxxx

  3. Those are really cute! I love the blazer :)

    I blog daily about hair care, skin care and beauty!