Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Glad Hair Day

Just a quick post..
RRP £5.50

I remember getting this last Christmas in a gift set but used it all up as it was only a little 50ml bottle. It made my hair so shiny and soft. But last Christmas my hair was about three or more inches shorter. So I wanted to see if it would work on long, thick hair and tame my mane!

This particular one I used is the most intensive one out of the two available; It's for thick hair. After shampooing (I use Tresemme ) I squeezed the excess water from my hair a dried lightly with a towel. I then combed it through my hair with my fingers from about an inch away from my roots right down to the tips (focusing on the tips). The instructions for use stated that I should use it from roots to tip but I find it makes the roots a little greasy when saturated with product, even after rinsing. You can even run a comb through it whilst in the shower to get those tangles out. It made my hair really soft and had a pretty, floral scent.

This is the other 'Glad Hair Day' conditioner available:
Amazing Daily Shine - for  fine to normal hair types

There are also 50ml versions for £2.50 if you want to just try them. No point in being stuck with a massive bottle if it didn't work for you!

Hope you try this conditioner - it is brilliant. If you do have it or try it let me know what you think!

Love Dorothy xxx

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