Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I LOVE Baroque!

Ok so maybe you're thinking..."what on earth is baroque?!". Well when it comes to fashion 'baroque' refers to swirling patterns reminiscent of 17th century Italian fabrics. Recently I've spotted loads of gorgeous baroque patterns on various items of clothing so I thought I'd share with you how gorgeous they are!!

New Look

For the figure-hugging lovers, these two bodycon dresses with foil detail are perfect to embrace the baroque look. The detail being in the middle also give the body a streamlined look (yippee!!)

They both come in at £24.99 ($40) but remember ladies (if you're a student) grab your student 10% discount making them a fairly affordable £22.50 ($35)

For the skater dress lovers these two pieces are elegant and sophisticated but still embrace the intricate baroque patterns. I have tried on the shell pink dress and found that it was slightly too long for a night out but perfect for a wedding or other event.

They both come in at £24.99 ($40) but remember ladies (if you're a student) grab your student 10% discount making them a fairly affordable £22.50 (£35) the same as the body con dresses.

For those with a bit of cash to splash these two eye catching dresses are a little more expensive but have a definite wow factor! I know that the loyal topshoppers will love them. The monochrome dress on the right also includes another key season trend - the peplum. Combine both this and a baroque print and you're sure to be on to a winner! The great thing about peplum dresses is that they're so flattering on all body shapes as they give you a lovely little waist and emphasize any natural curves.

The black and gold dress to the left is £62 ($99) but is completely covered in sequins. All that hard work is worth the money as it looks gorgeous! The monochrome dress to the right is £42 ($67) but again there is a 10% discount for students bringing the prices down to £55.80 ($89) and £37.80 ($60.50).

It's not only dresses that have been 'baroqued'. Asos offers loads of items printed with the beautiful pattern! Even for men ;) I found some hot-pants, a pair of leggings and a pair of jeans. All would look amazing with just a simple top as the bottoms are enough to make a statement! With some chunky ankle boots or platform heels you can turn them from day into night.  

The gold and black jeans are £40 ($64), the monochrome leggings are £23 ($37) and the hot pants are £30 ($48). Again grab your student 10% discount with your NUS card making them all a bit more affordable.

If I find anything else on baroque fashion you will be the first to know!!

Love Dorothy xxx

P.S. Will post a photo of me in a baroque print dress when I buy one soon! <3

Here's the photo as promised :) I wore this baroque peplum dress when I went to a wedding yesterday!

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